Eraser And Sharpener

- The "eraser": .

. The eraser is one of the most important means of correction in writing and it is indispensable and has many other uses such as the requirements of applied and desktop arts and scientific experiments. Eraser until you and your child keep it safe and not harmful, and manufacturers focus on developing the shape of the eraser as well.

- Sharpener: .

The sharpener is an important thing in the office supplies, and it cannot be dispensed with because it has a great role in that you keep your pen lead, but with the development of ages the pen is superior to the pencil and the sharpener, but in very few areas because the pencil is used in many areas Very much in the arts, drawing, engineering, and teaching a child to write in the early stages of his life, so the result is an amazing advantage over the years, and the development is taking place in an amazing manner and forms that attract your child to his love of writing.

- That is why Bernasos strives to target its best products, and its product is distinguished by its internationally recognized certification to provide you with the best products.

"Bernasos your life partner."

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kneaded eraser FACTIS K20

kneaded eraser FACTIS K20
3.00 ج.م.‏